Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Rivesupp exist?
Rivesupp aims to reduce lengthy waiting times in healthcare facilities, particularly for elderly individuals.
How does the Viber bot work?
The Viber bot automatically notifies patients of appointment changes and allows doctors to send private messages regarding urgent matters.
What are the benefits of using Rivesupp?
The benefits include reducing stress and frustration for patients by minimizing waiting times, improving communication between healthcare providers and patients, and enhancing overall efficiency in healthcare services.
Who can use the Rivesupp Viber bot?
The Rivesupp Viber bot is designed to be user-friendly for individuals of all ages, including seniors, to easily access and receive updates about their medical appointments.
How can I register for Rivesupp?
To register for Rivesupp, simply follow the instructions provided by your healthcare provider or scan the QR code in the top right of the website.
Is Rivesupp available in other languages?
Currently, Rivesupp is available in English and Bosnian, but we are planning to add more languages in the future.
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